Jennie Olsson

Five questions for…

…Jennie Olsson, a student in the first year of the Master’s Programme in Earth Sciences, who will be on a placement at NASA.

1.Why did you choose NASA?

”Geology is my main interest, but astronomy has always fascinated me. When the possibility came up, I saw an opportunity to combine my two interests. Placement at NASA, which has been so important in space exploration and research about space, seems very exciting to me.”

2. How can geology be useful at NASA?

“The earth sciences and geology can be applied to other celestial bodies besides Earth, of course. For example, you can study minerals and chemical composition, which I will be doing on stones from Mars, the Moon and asteroids.”

3. What do you hope to learn?

“I want to learn more about planetary geology and our solar system – how it is constructed and its place in the universe. I am also eager to find out more about how a large organisation like NASA works. What are their working methods? Who works there?”

4. What do you hope to learn? 

“I think it will be fantastic to be on a placement in the coolest organisation in the world. I will learn things there that I cannot learn anywhere else. During placement I will also be working on my Master’s, which I am looking forward to.”

5. What would you like to work on in the future?

“Preferably something related to space! I am very interested in ore-geology, so I dream of investigating ore-forming processes on Mars or other planets.”