Fun with physics

Fysiklek, a new interactive learning environment, was unveiled in January. Here, younger children can learn more about the magical world of physics.

The centre, based at the Department of Physics, features a large collection of practical physics experiments and games, all of which aim to illustrate the laws of nature and inspire fun, creative
learning. Fysiklek is a collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, and is mainly aimed at younger children. Jonas Enger is one of the centre’s pedagogical leaders:
“We hope that a visit here will spark curiosity, enthusiasm and knowledge about physics and research, for children and their teachers, in a playful, inclusive manner.”

How does a reflector actually work? Here, children can find out how an ordinary reflector works. Reflectors are used on clothes and on road signs, for example. Children can also think about their reflection and what happens when they use one, two or more mirrors.